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The most important factor in the life of your pump is how well you clean it after each use! The second most important consideration is the straining of every gallon that is run through the pump!

- Tips for maintaining your airless pump -

- Turn machine off, remove tip, and release pressure. Remove paint supply (bucket) from siphon tube and let drain into paint bucket for 5 seconds. Replace siphon in bucket of clean warm water. Water should not be hot and should be 2 to 3 gallons.

NOTE: All clean-up should be done with pressure at minimum and (gas) motor at low rpm.

- Turn machine on and release material back into paint bucket. When air bubble spits or material thins, stop and release material into the water bucket that you are siphoning from. Let the pump recycle the water for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Turn machine off.

- Next take a clean bucket and mix 3 or 4 tablespoons of liquid detergent (Dawn, Ivory, etc.) with 3 gallons of water. Put siphon tube into soapy water (warm water is best). Turn machine on and recycle for 5 minutes. Spray soapy water through tip, then remove again.

- Make sure that all pressure is released. Remove all filters and screens. Clean with soapy water and nylon brush. Be sure to check the machine for siphon screen and inline manifold filter. Guns may have a filter behind the tip or an inline screen in the handle. Replace screens and filters when clean.

- Fill a clean bucket with 4 to 5 gallons of clear cool water. Do not recycle this. Pump this into another bucket or sewer drain. After you have run almost all of this water through the pump, release a small amount into a small container such as a cup. If the water is perfectly clear (not milky) and you are willing to drink the water, you are finished. If this is not so, repeat this step.

NOTE: All clean-up water should be disposed of into a sewer inlet where waste water management will treat it. Do not pour on ground or into storm drains.

- Remove hose from pump. If you are going to use a storage solution, here is where you siphon just enough solution to escape the connector where the hose would be. If you wish to leave the hose connected to pump, make sure that all pressure is released. Now you need to pump solution until it escapes from gun nozzle.

NOTE: Leaving the hose connected invites damage from temperature changes, i.e. freezing.

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